Is your dog addicted to digging? What you can do about it!

First of all, we need to remember that pets are animals, so naturally, they will behave like it.
Animals have instincts so they will do everything to follow it. The digging is a part of it, it’s a completely natural behavior that can happen for several reasons. However, there is no reason for concern, keep reading to find out more.


Why the digging

Your dog digging could be happening for many reasons, some dogs dig more than others and everything will depend on the lifestyle they have.
Here are some of the main reasons why your dog could be digging:

  • Overactive or stress
  • Hiding food or toys
  • Need attention
  • Looking for comfortable place to sleep
  • Looking for cooler/warmer place
  • Playing 
  • Hunting instinct

How to stop my dog from digging?

Firstly you need to know the reason why your pet is digging and then you can (or not) take an action.

If the digging is due to lack of attention, stress or overactivity for example, you are definitely able to control it by giving what your friend need. Going out for a walk at least twice daily is a good start to release all of the accumulated energy they have.

Another excellent way of helping them is by playing a lot. Nowadays there are an infinity of interactive toys for pets (check our website), just find the ones the suit better for your pet.




You could always have them trained if necessary, but in most cases the above options already help a lot.

However, sometimes is not that simple, some types of breed “were born to dig” which male things difficult to control as it’s in their nature to do it. In this case, you should know it and respect their needs.

To conclude, we should always acknowledge that dogs will do dogs things so we must respect always their needs first of all. If you are finding any trouble we always recommend talking to a vet or find a dog trainer.

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