With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, most people who have a pet start to worry about their safety and comfort due to the fireworks festivities. As incredible as it sounds, your posture at this time will help your friend go through this easier. Since you are your pet’s guardian, you have to protect them and keep them comfortable, so they already expect this from you.




Why they are so afraid?

When talking about dogs, they have an hearing FOUR times more powerful than humans, so you can have an idea of why they lose control when they listen to some noise like fireworks.
Now imagine you are already scared of something and this thing becomes four times bigger when you listen to it. It’s not cool, so we can relate.


Why you need to keep your pet calm during fireworks?

As most families are not at home or are travelling, some dogs end up being alone at home. When they desperately try to find a way to be safe and end up getting hurt by some broken glass of furniture which they were trying to hide under.
Some dogs could also become so much lost in fear and out of their minds that they end up escaping from their houses and lost on the streets, or being hit by a car.
Last but not least, unfortunately, some pets get disturbed in a such huge way that makes them pass away, especially when they are over age and more sensitive.

But no worries, keep reading to find the best tips to help your friend.


Keeping your pet safe during the fireworks.


  •  Isolating
Find a place inside the house where he is most familiarized with. Remove things that can be harmful around and bring his bed, food and favourite toys. You could also consider covering up windows and doors with some soundproof sheet or sponge.

  •  Cotton
A cotton ball could be very welcome at this moment if you realize they are struggling too much. Place it in its ear to help decrease the amount of noise it will receive. Remember to always keep an eye on it as their ears are very sensitive and small.

  • Company 

Being there for your friend could be the best tip in this list. Unfortunately, not everyone can do it but if you do, your dog will feel much safer. Try to hug, play, and bring for a walk during the day and most importantly, show them calm, this way they will realize there’s no reason to be panicked.

  • Medicine

Some dogs could be worse than others and incredibly hard to control or help them. In this case, some medicine could be well considered. The best option is to bring your friend to a vet in advance and they will know how to recommend the best way to tranquillize them.


Following these tips surely you and your pet will have a more comfortable and peaceful time together. If you followed all the tips and your dog is still struggling too much and you don’t know how to help, again, talk to a vet to discuss the best way to help your friend.

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