How to keep my pet nails short safely

Just like humans, our pets also need some maintenance on nails once in a while. If this is your first pet, you should know how to do ir properly in a way that won’t hurt them.

Long nails are not welcome for many reasons but mostly because it can bring discomfort and pain if not trimmed when needed.
Keep reading our blog to find out how and when to cut your pet nails.


How frequently should I cut it?

We would say that weekly or every fortnight is a good time between trimmings but this answer is going to depend on each animal lifestyle. Some dogs can live in houses or apartments, some could go out for a walk more than others, so everything will impact on it.

When you bring your dog for a walk on a rough floor for example, this will help to maintain your dog nails short naturally as they walk. On the other hand if your dog stay inside an apartment where the floor is flat, obviously the care with their nail will be more manual.


Can I cut my pet nail at home?

You can definitely cut it at home, nowadays there are plenty of tools especially designed for many types of pet, following all their different sizes and shapes.
All you need to do is finding the best one to suit your dog needs and it will end up being a stressless moment.
Although you should be always careful of how much of it too, as many small blood veins are passing through the nail so if you cut it make sure you do it properly so your friend doesn’t get hurt.


Tips for successful trimming:

  • Find a safe place in the house where your friend is familiar with, this will help to keep them calm.
  • Tie them up to avoid sudden movements which can cause accidents or over cutting.
  • Always use nail clippers specific for dogs which respect the dog size and nails shape.

  • Finish this moment with some dog snacks, this way they will always associate it as a pleasant moment.
  • Another tip that is very helpful is starting as early as possible, when it’s just a puppy it will grow getting used to it and naturally easier. 

We are sure that with these tips you won’t find any trouble trimming your friend nails.

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