Is Your Pets' Hair Really a Problem?

Shedding happens to every pet from time to time. There's nothing worse than coming home to find pet hair all over the furniture or your clothes. 

Shedding is a natural process by which hair is released from a living creature for insulation, regulation of body temperature or as a means of self-defence. Cleaning up pets’ hair not only has aesthetic benefits but also helps to keep pet allergies away.


Keep reading to learn the best ways to brush loose fur, how to use a de-shedding tool safely, and when to see your vet for help with shedding.


Why is my pet shedding that much?

The reason your pet is shedding so much might be due to seasonal changes, a new addition to the family or even stress. 

Fur protects a pet’s skin and assists in regulating a pet’s body temperature. The shedding of hair that has ceased growing is normal. The frequency or amount of fur shed can depend on the breed, health, or season.

All dogs and cats shed some hair and some dogs shed more than others. Despite an abundance of hair around the home, your pet may be shedding a normal amount of hair for their breed.

Excessive shedding could be a sign of a nutrition issue, stress or even another medical concern. We will talk more about this in this article.

Now, you should be asking how to deal with this, but don't worry, just keep reading this article for the best tips.


5 Tips for Controlling Pet Shedding

Keep pet hair to a minimum! If a pet’s hair becomes a serious enough problem, it can even cause allergic reactions in your family. Luckily, there are some things you can do, which depend on your dog's breed to help keep their coat in check all year round. You will be surprised that most of these tips will cost just a little or even nothing to be implemented.


  1. Choose the right brush

    Depending on your dog/cat breed, may you need to brush it every day or once a month. And you have many options of brushes do to it:


    • Deshedding tool for long/short dog and cat hair - Best dog brush for shedding, as well as deshedding cat brush. It removes up to 90% of loose undercoat fur. Ideal for Dogs and cats. 

    • Pet Hair Dryer Comb Brush - Perfect option for busy owners who like to groom their pets. The pet hair dryer is made of stainless steel with rounded ends. It protects skin and hair as well as massages the animal's head.

    • Professional Undercoat Rake deshedding Brush - It is recommended by the bests professional pet groomers and veterinarians. The soft ergonomic anti-slip grip makes regular combing easy and relaxing. Teeth made of non-rusting stainless steel are highly durable and easy to clean. 

  2. Feed Your Pet A Healthy Diet


    A dog's hair growth can heavily depend on its diet. Your pet would be adorable if it had a thick coat. Make sure you feed them with more meat, fresh vegetables and fruits. Vitamins and nutrients in high-quality dog food or supplement can strengthen the hair follicles. 

  3. Keep your pup hydrated with fresh water

    Your pet will have a better looking, healthier coat if they get a sufficient amount of water. Specialists said one ounce per pound is usually a good starting point to keep your pet skink healthier. When travelling or walking your pet, remember to take a travel water bottle with you -- it's really handy! 

  4. Bathe Your Dog Regularly

Giving your pet a bath regularly can give them a complete overhaul. Not only does it keep them nice and clean, but it also helps to remove some hair from their body - It's sort of like getting a new haircut for us humans. And dont  forget to dry your pet, towel them off gently then use a special blow dryer for dogs (we have a good option of pet hair dryer)

  1. Schedule Regular Checkups

There are lots of skin and hair conditions that can affect your dog. Keep visiting the specialist to identify problems and get a better treatment plan when it is necessary.

Dog specialist


Brushing and grooming your pet are important aspects of your pet’s health. You may think that the pet hair is harmless, but it's not. Feed your pet the appropriate food and make sure to vacuum frequently in order to minimize the pet hair in your home and car. These are simple actions that will make your life (and your pet’s life) better. 


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