Why cats sleep so much?

Since ancient times cats are known for sleeping a huge amount of time, and this happen until nowadays. Cats in the past had to hunt to survive and that made them spend too much of their energy, leading to long hours of sleeping to recover from all of that energy spent.

Cats are predators, no matter their size. It’s in their nature to hunt and sleep afterwards.
They are at the top of the food chain like lions and are not afraid of predators, and they sleep whenever they feel sleepy.

However, cats today don’t need to hunt to survive because they became domesticated and humans can do all for them, which give them plenty of free time to sleep.

How long cats can sleep?

When cats are babies they can reach amazing 18 hours of sleeping in a day while adult cats can reach between 10 to 16 hours of daily sleep.
The amount of time sleeping can differ for many reasons like: male or female, if they are castrated or not, weather conditions, body weight, pregnancy, stray or home cats and others.

It is very important to know that, if a cat doesn’t spend enough energy playing, doing some activity, or being stimulated they might get fat because of it. Cat obesity can bring serious problems for older cats. However, the amount of time they sleep will always be long, spending a lot of energy or not.

Nowadays there are many options of toys and entertaining tools for cats to play with, it is a god investment to help them spend some energy, specially if you are not able to be in home all the time to play with them.
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