We are here to make pet parent's life easy and full of fun. 

We believe that if we find solutions to create time in your life, you can enjoy your pet more and more.

The Tails Pet Store team has carefully researched an inventory that helps your pet in many different ways, toys that help with behavioral problems, and products that create routines regardless of how busy the life is.

Our goal is to match the perfect pet product with your dog's instincts and necessities. After all, we didn't randomly create this store.

It all started with a busy woman and her stressed rescued dog...
Yeah, that is true!
Ollie was adopted by Rayane a few years ago.

He was an overwhelmed and anxious little boy. Rayane tried many different toys and solutions, but they didn't help much. She struggled with not being able to help him, so she began searching for practical solutions that worked.

With help from dog behavioral trainers, books, and a lot of research, she noted that toys work well when the owners know how to use them, combined with respecting the dog's genetically diverse instincts and behaviors.
And then, she decides to share this new knowledge with the world.

The Tails Pet Store was born with a mission, helping pet parents to offer SMART SOLUTIONS for their pets, not just one more toy.

When we are looking for a new product to put in our inventory, we keep three essential questions in mind:

  • Why should I give this product to my pet?
  • How does this help the pet?
  • Does this product make pet parent's life easier?

We are here to help because we love pets just like you do!


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